Redacted — Why I unpublished 358 blog posts

I’ve been blogging since 2004. I started off on a service called Xanga, then moved over to self-hosted WordPress in 2007. When I made the move I imported all my old posts to my new blog, so all told on my personal website (including this post) I’ve published a grand total of 607 posts. Over the past two weeks I’ve systematically gone through all my blog posts, auditing them against strict criteria. I ended up unpublishing well over half of the entries.


I’ve been working on a blog post for The Navigators Collegiate Communications Handbook Blog on the need for our Navigator campus ministers to be careful with what they post online for the sake of their ministry efforts. It got me thinking about the things I’ve published online for all the world to see, whether on this blog, another website, or on social media. Some of those posts and updates were crafted with painstaking care; others were put out there in haste. I decided that if I was going to tell our 800+ Collegiate Navigator staff that they needed to be proactive with auditing past content then I needed to take my own advice.

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Mostly Armless

For two weeks now I’ve had my right arm in a cast. I suffered a wrist injury back in March that hasn’t wanted to heal on its own. Wearing a splint for roughly 6 weeks produced little improvement. Originally my doctor thought about giving me a cast that would go past my elbow, but instead he opted to immobilize my thumb. So I guess things could be worse, but I don’t always see it that way…

I'm a Monster!

The injury occurred while I was first moving into my new home in Colorado Springs. It turns out that when something you buy has the words “Team Lift” printed on the box you should probably heed the warning.

When I did finally have some x-rays taken I found out that I had done some damage to the ligaments in my wrist. An MRI showed that the damage wasn’t too serious, but bad enough to warrant immobilization for four weeks.

I’ve never had to have a cast for any injury before now. Having one on my right arm is especially aggravating considering my work calls for so much typing. I’ve been using the voice dictation feature built into my Mac and iPhone quite a bit for things like email and blogging, but it’s not much use when I need to write code for a website. With my thumb immobilized I can’t hold a pen either. You should see what my signature looks like right now.

It’s certainly been a humbling injury. At first I tried to keep doing most everything on my own, but soon learned that I was going to need to get better at saying “no” and “help” this month. I’m starting to get used to the limitations, but I still can’t wait to get this thing off!

Turning 30

It seems appropriate that I’m turning thirty this year. I have to smirk as I write that, as if I had a say in the matter. What I mean is since my last birthday I’ve found myself in the midst of one major life event after another. Since turning 29 a year ago Kathy and I got married, we moved from Florida to Colorado, I started a new full-time job with The Navigators, and somewhere in there I launched my own small business. Going from one decade to the next? Yeah, that seems par for the course right now.

With all those recent changes you would think watching the odometer turn over wouldn’t feel all that momentous. Not so. In fact, I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around this new number. It’s like each January when you have to start writing the new year on everything. It just looks funny at first.

Usually in my annual birthday essay I try to reflect thoughtfully on the big themes of my life from the previous year, but this time I’ve decided to reflect on my twenties as a whole.

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My Vision for the Campus Navs Web Presence

Campus NavsOn February 3 I became the Director of Collegiate Communications for The Navigators. The collegiate mission has had communication specialists in the past, but this particular position is brand new. One of the things I love about this role is that I’ve been tasked with coming up with the vision for the Campus Navs website and its accompanying social media presence. The Campus Navs website is the national-level online home for The Navigators collegiate mission. I was recently asked by a Nav field staff to detail some of my ideas and hopes for this online presence. Today I would like to share some of my response to him with you.

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When Consumerism Creeps In

Welcome back to Volume 2, Episode 2 of The Monday Monologue Podcast. In today’s episode I talk about the impact of consumerism on my faith and my relationships.

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