2007 MLB Postseason Predictions

Alright, before the postseason starts this afternoon I need to weigh in on what I think is going to happen. Here goes.

National League:
Rockies over Phillies (four games)
D’Backs over Cubs (four games)
Rockies over D’Backs (six games)

American League:
Red Sox over Angels (three games)
Indians over Yankees (five games)
Red Sox over Indians (six games)

World Series:
Red Sox over Rockies (five games)

Yes, I am predicting another championship for Boston. I really hate to do it, especially since they’ve got a shot with the Patriots to win the Super Bowl and a good chance of making it to the NBA Finals with the Celtics. Why the Rockies? Well, the past few years we’ve seen the World Series consist of one good team that most people thought had a chance to make it and one hot team that most people gave no shot to make it. I’m going to follow that formula again this year. It was really difficult for me to pick the winner of the Rockies/Phillies series. I think that series could go either way since they’re both pretty hot right now.

Well, what do you think? Let me hear your predictions.

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