Kathy’s and Kimberly’s Travel Blog

Kathy and Kimberly at Lake EllaSo, guess what? My girlfriend Kathy and our friend Kimberly are headed to Europe in just a few days! Kimberly asked me to set up a blog for them to keep a record of their adventures (and possibly their misadventures). From the very beginning Kimberly said that both she and Kathy would be blogging, but Kathy was very hesitant at first. In recent days, however, she’s started to come around to the idea. In fact they’ve each posted their first entry already as they prepare for their big journey.

I’m excited to experience their trip through their blog as it’s going on. Did you know that the reason I started blogging eight years ago was because I was studying abroad?

Also, let it not go unnoticed that it took me less than four months to turn Kathy from a technophobe to a blogger.

I encourage you to check out their travel blog, The Grand Tour 2012!

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