My Vision for the Campus Navs Web Presence

Campus NavsOn February 3 I became the Director of Collegiate Communications for The Navigators. The collegiate mission has had communication specialists in the past, but this particular position is brand new. One of the things I love about this role is that I’ve been tasked with coming up with the vision for the Campus Navs website and its accompanying social media presence. The Campus Navs website is the national-level online home for The Navigators collegiate mission. I was recently asked by a Nav field staff to detail some of my ideas and hopes for this online presence. Today I would like to share some of my response to him with you.

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Watch the New FSU Navigators Promotional Video

I think what I love most about this video is I really don’t know any of these students. That sounds weird, but hear me out. That simple fact helps show that discipleship works. I didn’t directly influence any of these students (short of maybe a Nav Night message once or twice) but they’ve been trained up by students who my peers and I did impact. That’s exciting to me.

Thanks to Nastasia Humphries for creating another stellar video for the ministry.

The Story Behind the Harvest Film Series

On April 29 the first episode of the new Harvest Film Series was unveiled on The film features Dave Wirgau teaching out of Isaiah 55 on the power of discipleship. It was made by the talented filmmakers at Frame, a Tallahassee-based production company headed up by my friends Bryan Zhang and Patrick Gines, graduates of the prestigious FSU Film School.

I want to tell you the full story behind the project by answering some of the most common questions I’ve been asked.

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Videos for Summer Impact: Japan

I’m very proud of the way these two videos turned out. Ever since I first learned that one of the Japanese students who interacted with the 2012 Summer Impact: Japan team was coming to Tallahassee I knew I had an incredible opportunity to capture something really special.

I’ve been the producer of several videos for Florida Navs but I’ve never been as involved with any of them as I was with this one. My director Peter LeVake and I spent hours discussing the story we wanted to tell. The film was edited by Bryan Zhang and colored by Patrick Gines, both of whom did a wonderful job.

The full version was shown at Ignite 2013 this past weekend. I was extremely proud as I watched from the sound booth. It’s an extremely satisfying feeling seeing something you’ve made be received by a live audience.

Find out more about Summer Impact: Japan and my ministry with The Navigators.

When and What I’m Teaching at Nav Night in Fall 2012

Each semester I teach at one or more Nav Night meetings for the FSU Navigators. This semester is no exception. I wanted to post the details of my upcoming talks so you could be praying for me as I prepare.

  • On Wednesday, October 10 I’m teaching on identity in Christ. I’ve taught this topic more than any other: four times at previous Nav Nights (one was recorded), once at a conference, and once at a men’s retreat. It’s been since April 2011 that I’ve intensely studied the topic in preparation for teaching it, so even though I’m pretty comfortable with the material I’m still going to need to brush up on it. Plus I’d like to add in some new thoughts just to keep things fresh for the older students you have heard me speak on this before.
  • On Wednesday, November 14 I get to speak about finding rest. I am very excited to take on this subject, and not just because I’ve never taught specifically on it before. You’ll remember that in January when I gave two talks on idolatry it was especially satisfying for me because God had been teaching me about idols in my life all throughout 2011. Similarly, this year God has been teaching me all about rest. To be able to teach others what I’ve been learning is a real privilege. (This is when it really helps to be great friends with the campus director. He knew I’d love this topic.)

Even though I love what I’m doing with the Florida Navs website this semester I still enjoy teaching at Nav Night more than anything else I do with The Navigators. I can’t wait for these two nights! To think, the first one is less than a month away already.

If you’d like to attend either of these you can. They’ll be in HCB 316. I only have one stipulation. No matter who you are, if you attend one of my talks I expect you to socialize with some of the students there. No one can be a spectator. I hope to see you there.