Some Name Ideas for my New Personal Podcast

In the first episode of my podcast I requested name suggestions since I wasn’t all that thrilled with The Morning Rant as my title. I chose it because my blog title has always included the phrase “Rantings, Ravings and Writings” in one form or another, and I’ve even used an abbreviated variation on some other, smaller projects like my tumble blog.

Thoughts from the Audience

A couple people wrote in suggestions. They include:

Prelude to my Week
Rob Sucks/Joe Sucks *
Inside the Andrew’s Studio
Life, Tech, and Jesus
What’s Better than Regular Drew? *
Mountain Drew

* indicates an inside joke

My Latest Idea

The reason I’m not sold on The Morning Rant as a title is because I don’t like the anger that the word “rant” brings to the table (but as a side note, I do want “morning” in the title). My Mac’s dictionary gives this as the first definition for the word rant.

verb : speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way

Yeah, not exactly how I’m going to be approaching the podcast (or how I’ve ever approached my blog, which makes me wonder why it’s part of the title). I clicked around in the Mac thesaurus for a while and came across the word “soliloquy.”

noun : an act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, esp. by a character in a play

Hey now, that sounds spot-on! But The Morning Soliloquy sounds like I’m going to be reciting Shakespeare or something. Plus, it’s a mouthful. How about “monologue” instead?

noun : a long speech by one actor in a play or movie, or as part of a theatrical or broadcast program

Not bad. So maybe The Morning Monologue? Nice alliteration, albeit not quite as accurate.

Wait. I feel a pun coming on… The Morning Monoblogue.

Excellent. And I’ll assume that sound I just heard was a facepalm on your part.

Thoughts? More name suggestions? I’d really enjoy hearing your feedback.

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  • Logan Ayliffe

    The Morning Monoblogue is a hilarious idea. Thanks, 2011!

    (no, I’m not gonna steal it or anything. But lordy, could you imagine if you were ALSO doing monoblogues about grief counseling? The punpportunities are so pleasing….)