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Giveaway: Win Donald Miller’s New Book

A Million Miles...

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I’m one of the Thomas Nelson book review bloggers. Earlier this week they were looking for bloggers to review Donald Miller‘s upcoming book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Now, Donald Miller is one of my favorite contemporary authors. So I had already preordered the book. Months ago, actually. But I couldn’t resist being one of the first to have it.

I got my copies on Thursday afternoon. Wait, they sent me two?! The note included with the books suggested the second copy could be given away to one of my blog readers. I’ve never had a contest on my blog before. Sounds like a great idea!

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Ultimate Break Dance Battle: Joker vs Batman

We all liked The Dark Knight. We all like clever YouTube videos. And, if we’re honest with ourselves, we all like to watch break dance battles. If you combined all these elements what you’d have is Bboy Joker, an interactive break dance competition in stop-motion pitting Batman against the Joker.

Interactive, you say? Yes! You, the viewer, aren’t just watching the action, you’re controlling it. You actually dance as either Batman or the Joker. I did mention this all done on YouTube, not some game site, right? The blog 10,000 Words explains: “The interactivity is created by overlaying annotations on top of the video. Annotations were previously used solely as captions or speech balloons leading viewers to another site for more information related to the video. Now they are transforming YouTube from a static video player to a tool for engaging the audience.”

Check it out and let me know what you think. Click here for some more interactive YouTube videos.

Scrubs Season Eight

Last night was the season premiere for Scrubs, now in its eighth season and now on ABC. Since this is one of my favorite shows I’m going to be a little self-indulgent and share with you some links, including some spoiler clips from upcoming episodes. UPDATE: Both of the videos in this post are from episodes that have now aired.

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24: Redemption

Last night marked the return of Jack Bauer. I wouldn’t call the two-hour movie a must-see, both because it’s a stand-alone story and because the plot lacked creativity. But it has Jack killing bad guys, so if you’ve been going through withdrawals for his mayhem this should help. Watch 24: Redemption over on Hulu and let me know what you think of it in the comments. EDIT: It’s no longer on Hulu, but you can buy it on Amazon.

Commuter Choices Week: October 27-31

Commuter Choices Week

I work for The Marketing Institute at the FSU College of Business. One of our programs is Commuter Services of North Florida, which helps commuters in eight of Florida’s northern counties to find earth-friendly commuting options.

This week is Commuter Choices Week. We’re challenging people to try an earth-friendly commute for at least one day this week (which would include any sort of travel other than driving alone). If you pledge to do so on our website you’ll be entered to win a number of really cool prizes, including a bike donated by The Great Bicycle Shop of Tallahassee or a new iPod Classic! EDIT: This contest has ended.

There are a number of different events happening in conjuncture with Commuter Choices Week, including a kickoff in Kleman Plaza on Monday, October 27. Visit the website or one of the events to find out more.

The Adventures of Seinfeld and Gates

In an effort to combat the hugely popular “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ad campaign by Apple, Microsoft reached into its deep pockets to hire funny man Jerry Seinfeld. Pairing him with founder Bill Gates, the advertising gurus up in Redmond have created a pair of commercials that barely even mention technology.

The majority of the blogosphere seems to dislike these new Microsoft ads, which is why I chose to write about them. I think they’re pretty good. Most video advertising these days is so predictable the only real difference is the logo at the end. These ads, while not pitching a particular product, do make the viewer stop and watch, either due to wonder or bewilderment.

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My Roommates Are Blogging!

This may never happen again, so I needed to write about it while I have the chance. Back in May both of the roommates I’d had for the previous eight months left, one because he got married and the other because he was going to be working in Tennessee for a few months. Before leaving, they each found a guy to sublease for them. Since these new guys moved in with me they’ve both become bloggers! (They’re also both using WordPress.) So, in an attempt to drive a little traffic to their new sites I thought I’d tell you a little about their blogs.

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The Song of Helen

Rob and Brent are at it again, this time at our friend Helen’s expense.

The Adventures of the D-Team

Zach and KateThis past November at the Navigators National Staff Conference we were treated to the first three parts of a four-part animated series called “The D-Team.” The series is about fund raising and the Nav Development Team. Part three ended saying that the conclusion would be posted online. After waiting patiently all these months they have finally posted all four chapters here. They even made a Facebook profile for Zach and Kate (pictured).

There are a lot of jokes in these videos that, if you’re not on Nav Staff, you might not get. The first three episodes were met with uproarious laughter at each of the plenary sessions. I’d like to hear what you think of these videos, so leave a comment.

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4

Articles Page Fixed

To update my (very few) regular readers who actually traverse my website and don’t read these words in an RSS feed, email subscription or Facebook note, I have managed to fix the Articles page on my site. As you may recall, back over Christmas break I upgraded to WordPress 2.3.2 and ended up breaking a handful of my plugins. The Articles plugin by Alex King was one of them.

Two folks in the WP community helped me get this fixed. Andy Cowl first posted this fix on the WP support forum. But that only got me so far, since I couldn’t figure out how to apply the fix properly. But I found that Stephen Cronin had blogged about the fix over on his site. So I asked him for help and he sent me the edited file. Big props to both of you.

My Articles page still looks a little goofy (font formating) but at least it works. I encourage you to check it out. It’s where I have all of my favorite and most popular posts listed.

I actually don’t have an Article page on my website anymore. I now have a Start page, which is similar in concept but does not use a plugin. Here’s the blog post in which I introduce that page and explain why I decided to make it.