Engagement Safari

Watch on Vimeo: Safari Engagement

Lionel Worthington, star of the Campus Safari videos, was part of his most important project yet last week. This time he was playing a role in a real-life engagement story. It was a classic bait-and-switch. Sara, the actress who played Annie in the second Campus Safari video, was asked to rush out to a park in Tallahassee to shoot another video. This time she was to play an adult and would need to be dressed up for the part. Shaun, the man who is now her fiancé, was there waiting for her.

To really sell the scheme Bryan, the director, sent Sara a fake script. He and Zack were at the park shooting this little intro, I presume in order to keep her truly unaware until the moment she saw Shaun. Well done, men. And again, congratulations to Shaun and Sara!

In which Bryan is Awkward

Awkward BryanNow that I own BryanZhang.com I’ve decided to put it to good use. Well, calling this use “good” might be a bit of a stretch.

For whatever reason, there seem to be a lot of awkward photos of Bryan floating around the web. My buddy Patrick suggested I start a website featuring a collection of these images. So I created a new Tumblr and started The Many Awkward Faces of Bryan (creating the site took all of about 10 minutes). Each post asks the visitor to provide their own photo caption. I refuse to take sole responsibility for this nonsense, so I’ve authorized several people to be contributors. We’re also taking submissions from the public.

From a geek perspective, I think the best part of this little website is that it’s on a subdomain. Meaning, if and when Bryan chooses to start using BryanZhang.com for his own purposes we could keep this site active without it interfering with his real website (though I’d password protect it and rename it so he’d actually be taken seriously as a professional). Or, you know, I could just trash the whole thing if he wants.

You can get notification of new posts by email, RSS, or Twitter via @AwkwardBryan. (This is the other part the geek in me enjoys. The creation of this Twitter account makes the name of Bryan’s actual Twitter account — @realbryanzhang — make more sense.)

Updated “Serving with The Navigators” Page

FSU NavigatorsMy website includes a page dedicated to my ministry with The Navigators at Florida State University: jaledwith.com/navigators. I want to draw attention to it today because I’ve updated its body text with what my role will be during the Fall 2011 semester. I’ve also tricked out its sidebar with some new features.

You can now receive email updates whenever I blog about my ministry with The Navigators. Previously you could only subscribe to my entire blog, not just to ministry posts. Sure, I’d prefer if you received each and every post I publish, but I know many people would probably unsubscribe after receiving numerous email in which they had no interest. So, I’ve swallowed my pride and provided this new option. (For all my email and RSS subscription needs I turn to Feedburner.)

Additionally, I’ve made it easier for the casual visitor to discover Nav ministry blog posts by adding a widget showing the five most recent such posts, as well as a link to a complete archive of ministry posts. (I use the Posts by Tag WordPress plugin to create this widget.)

Soon I’ll create a Facebook group to give more frequent ministry updates, but I plan to keep this a closed group specifically for my prayer and financial supporters.

So check out jaledwith.com/navigators and let me know what you think. If you have suggestions for features that you think would add to its utility I’d be happy to hear them.

Campus Safari Rises

Watch on Vimeo: Campus Safari #3

The people who brought you the first and second installments of Campus Safari now present the third and final chapter in the series. My roommate Zack reprises his role as Lionel Worthington. Bryan Zhang is once again the director.

Lots more of my friends are in this video. Rob is the smoker who accompanies Lionel on safari. Patrick is the disrespectful smoker, Karly is the woman bothered by the smoke, and Natalie is her friend. They did an awesome job.

It’s sort of sad that this is the final video that they’re making. I’m hopeful that Lionel Worthington makes a comeback in another series. I’ve been bothering Zack to make use of Lionel’s Facebook page by creating a video diary of the character’s exploits. I doubt he will, but it’d be wicked if he did.

Campus Safari Redux

Watch on Vimeo: Campus Safari #2 – Annie

If you liked the first Campus Safari PSA video featuring my roommate Zack as Lionel Worthington, you’re going to get a bang out of the second installment. Once again it’s written and directed by Bryan Zhang. It was shot by my friend Patrick Gines.

Zack’s costar is my friend and neighbor Sara who plays the incorrigible Annie. I think Sara would make an excellent voice actor (and she actually did have a small voiceover part in the movie Dream Street, also directed by Bryan Zhang). The smokers they encounter are my friends Rob and Natalie.

I think these are great. You can expect me to continue to post them as more are made.