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Hello, my name is Andrew Ledwith. Welcome to my home on the Internet. You’ll find I write primarily about my adventures with friends, my personal opinions, and my ministry to college students. If this is your first time to my website, or it’s been a while since your last visit, this would be a good place to start. Here I highlight my best work.

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Favorite and Popular Posts

  • Being a Man of Action
    At a Navigators men’s retreat I challenged a group of college students to live a meaningful life by moving into the conflict they face.
  • The Healing Process
    I tell a story from seven years ago of when I rehabbed my shoulder to illustrate some general thoughts on the emotional healing process and having reasonable expectations from closure.
  • My Roommate and My Neighbor
    I recount my eyewitness to the unfolding love story of my roommate Kyle and my neighbor Nicki.
  • “Would You Guys Mind Watching My Bike?”
    My friend Aaron and I experienced a bizarre encounter while spending time at the Starbucks on the FSU campus.

Ongoing Series

  • The Monday Monologue Podcast
    The Monday Monologue is my foray into podcasting. Each week I talk about ideas I’m processing, whether they be on technology, ministry, or life in general.
  • My Birthday Essays
    Each year I write a post about my birthday on my birthday. Perhaps a bit self-involved, but it’s become a fun tradition on my blog.
  • My Annual Soundtracks
    Each year I write a post in which I consider the music I’ve been listening to and decide what songs best express the seasons I’ve been through over the past twelve months.
  • Nav Night Messages
    I have opportunity to teach regularly at the weekly meeting for The Navigators at Florida State University. These are my messages.
  • Book Reviews
    I like to write reviews of the books I’m reading.


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