The New King of the Hill

July 2012 marks the first time ever that the traffic on my technology web column has overtaken the traffic on my personal blog. July 2012

My person blog had 621 pageviews last month.

How Do It Know?! had 734 pageviews last month.

Some Context is Necessary

One of the reasons my technology web column has managed to garner as much traffic as it has is because I moved some of the popular tech-related posts I’d published on my personal blog from here to there. So, in essence, I was robbing Peter to pay Paul. Not only did my new website gain traffic but my original website lost traffic.

How This Makes Me Feel

Honestly, I expected this to happen sooner or later. Let’s face it. More people are interested in what I have to say about technology than what I have to say about my personal life and ministry efforts. Though I have to admit I’m surprised it only took six months for it to happen.

Also, even though the traffic to my personal website has taken a hit this year if you combine the pageviews from both websites then I’ve gained substantially more traffic than ever before. In time I fully expect to grow the readership of my personal blog back to what it had been when I wrote about technology here as well. It’s something that motivates me, not something that discourages me.

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